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Ever Wonder What It's Like to Write a Guidebook?

Join me, along with fellow guidebook authors Stewart M. Green and Tani Britton for AUTHOR PANEL - A GUIDE FOR GUIDEBOOKS: EVERYTHING ABOUT READING, WRITING, AND RESEARCHING A GUIDEBOOK. The panel discussion takes place Saturday, June 22, at 1 pm, as part of the Pikes Peak Library District's "Mountain of Authors" event in Colorado Springs.

We'll dispel the myths and give you all the facts about writing an outdoor adventure guidebook, like:

- Do you really do all those hikes? (Yes! I average 300 miles per guidebook, most of them solo.)

- How do you find all those cool places? (See previous answer :- )

- Who makes the maps? (The author tracks every hike by GPS, "cleans" the track to remove stray waypoints, and combines the track and selected waypoints to create topographical maps and other files for the publisher, which they hand off to a mapmaker to make maps that fit the look and feel of their guidebooks - one of my guidebooks required 500 individual files to create the maps you see in the book.)

- Who takes all those photos? (The same person who makes all those maps - the author.)

- What's the best thing about being a guidebook author? (Exploring new places and sharing the beauty of Colorado with like-minded adventurers safely and respectfully.)

Bring your questions to Mountain of Authors at Library 21c, and I'll see you there!

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